This print is made for a portfolio project called Earth/Mother. This portfolio was going to be shown in Puerto Rico as part of the Southern Graphics 2020 conference. Curated and organized by Elizabeth Castaldo she invited 23 women artist to make art addressing the intersection of women’s rights and environmental issues. For my print titled “Rocks in Our Beds” I wanted my print to address the destruction of the earth for fossil fuels. Simply put this is an act of matricide. The banks and petroleum industry are clearcutting forests and putting clean water at risk. This is a result of fracking and extracting metals so we can drive a car or use our cell phones. This is a form of rape for our creator mother earth. What could be a more current topic, our conference was cancelled with the pandemic is full force.


One print will be in the collection of the SGCI Archives housed at the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art.

  • TITLE:

    Rocks in Our Beds

  • DATE:



    11 x 14 in






    Linocut, Chine Colle', Graphage

  • PAPER:

    Arches, Fabriano Ingres

  • PRICE:



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